Trump wins South Carolina Primary; Jeb Bush drops out of GOP race

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump did what he does best this past weekend: win.  The GOP frontrunner tallied his second primary victory on Saturday night by winning in South Carolina with 32.5%.

Although Donald Trump ran away with the victory, it was a tight race for second place.  A race that resulted in Florida Senator Marco Rubio nosing out Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Trump continues to dominate the GOP presidential race, and should force other candidates to suspend their candidacy rather quickly.  One of them has already done so — former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who is running low on money and stands little to no chance against Trump, Cruz, and Rubio, suspended his campaign on Saturday evening.  Even with the support of his mother, Barbara Bush, and brother, former President George W. Bush, it wasn’t nearly enough to make a significant impact in the standings.  Bush dropping out will only benefit the remaining GOP candidates since Bush’s supporters will have to now back Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, or John Kasich the rest of the way.

With a comfortable lead in the race, Trump is in prime position to win the Republican nomination, and is more confident than ever before.  The fact that every Republican presidential candidate who has won in New Hampshire and South Carolina has gone on to win the nomination also adds to Trump’s commanding lead.

People may be annoyed with Donald Trump’s constant rhetoric about winning and building a great wall along the southern border, but the polls and primary results show that he indeed, is winning.



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